Tulip – the flowers loved by many people.

The Netherlands is the world’s number one exporter of tulips. Do you know each color of tulip brings different meaning?

– Red tulips symbolize love and romance.

– Yellow tulips represent golden sunlight, symbolizing the smile of a girl.

– If you been given a bunch of white tulip flowers, it would mean you were an angel with a pure heart.

– Black tulips (also known as “Queen of The Night”) symbolizes a crazy and passionate love.

– When we talk about the blue color, people immediately think of the sky blue, peace and tranquility. Blue tulips represent your beliefs and loyalty to your partner.

– Orange tulip flowers have the color of abundant energy. Orange represents great enthusiasm and energy

– Purple tulip brings a sense of elegance and charm to show an entire love.

– Pink is a soft and dreamy color. Pink tulip also represents the sweetness, lightness, and femininity of a girl. That is also the promise in love.

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