Colico Flowers

The fragile petals fluttering in the wind bring glamorous beauty cannot stop watching but do you know about the story behind this flower petals?
In a village, there is a couple who love each other very much. One day, the boy had to go to seek his career, leaving the beautiful girl with the promise that he would return. She had waiting for him every day. Year after year, she didn’t receipt any letters and the boy still did not return. The girl knew she was abandoned and she cried, cried so much, much til her tears were dry up. When she could no longer cry, she passes away and brings the boy’s promise to the grave. Soon afterward, people saw a very beautiful flower grow up from her grave. Seeing it, people can feel wealth, success, consolation, and especially ephemeral glamor like a girl. That poor girl left the curse on the flowers if someone tasted the fruit or use the branches, leaves, trees or flower of this species will also addict as hit the charm and can never leave it.

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