Lotus, the symbol of purity

For a long time ago, there were two orphaned girls who were raised by a singer. He taught the children some traditional dances and songs.
Day by day, the girls become more beautiful, singing or dancing well known throughout the region.
In the village have a vicious guy, when he heard about them, he conspiracy to kidnap them to be his wife.
One day the foster father went to work far away, promised to buy a gift for each child. One asked him white shoes embroidered gold, and the other asked him pink shoes embroidered gold.
At the time when the father was away from home, the bad guy ordered to arrest the sister to be his wife. She did not want to be a wife of such a bad person like him, so she suicided into the lake. Too tragic and do not want to be arrested on behalf of her sister, the little girl follow her sister as well. When the foster father returned he could not see the child, he went to inquire and heard the story.
The beautiful petals like the shape of a shoe; in the middle of the yellow pistil as embroidery thread; The leaves are big like the conical hats they wear, the fragrance is as tender as the soul of two sisters. Too sad, the father burst into tears. Suddenly, two daughters from the lake appeared and stepped up to him. She said: “When we were thrown into the lake, the Lake Lady rescue our life. She loves us and wants to stay with us but we want to go home to look after you. And she agreed to let us go back and make the flowers symbolize the two sisters so she always felt two children next to her”. And the flower is named “Lotus”.

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