Tulip – the flowers loved by many people.

The Netherlands is the world’s number one exporter of tulips. Do you know each color of tulip brings different meaning? – Red tulips symbolize love and romance. – Yellow tulips represent golden sunlight, symbolizing the smile of a girl. – If you been given a bunch of white tulip flowers, it would mean you were […]

Dalat – Little Paris of Vietnam

Dalat – known as Little Paris or The city of a thousand flowers, is the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam. This tourist city has great climate by natural pine forest intermix with foggy in the morning. When coming to Dalat, you can feel the slow lifestyle here. Every day is quiet and peace, […]

Colico Flowers

The fragile petals fluttering in the wind bring glamorous beauty cannot stop watching but do you know about the story behind this flower petals? In a village, there is a couple who love each other very much. One day, the boy had to go to seek his career, leaving the beautiful girl with the promise […]