13 Mar

Many people come to see and buy paintings often have the parallel of why hand embroidery is more expensive than cross. The answer is probably not difficult because handmade embroidery is a handcrafted product, requiring skill and high artistic value, it is quite different from embroidering a simple cross, movement embroidery. .

Most of us know that, for art, the value of a painting lies in the time, the work of the craftsman, the artistic beauty of it as well as the message and meaning of the painting. again.

Hand embroidery is expensive because it not only requires meticulous attention to detail, but also requires the creativity of the artist. For traditional hand-embroidered paintings 100 paintings are 100 differences, because in each picture it shows different techniques, different creativity. Looking at hand-embroidered traditional painting, the more you look, the more you will love to see the sharpness, sophistication reflected in the color only with contrasting colors, clear dark …

In contrast, the cross embroidery is a new type of painting imported into Vietnam, which is also hand embroidered, but it is embroidered simply and with the nature of movement, the picture is also faded by not using the skill. There is no color coordination to create clear, clear colors. That is not to mention concerns about the chemicals in the embroidery materials that many scientists have warned.

There would be no best answer by putting together two crosses and hand-embroidered paintings, perhaps the quickest way to see the difference, one side of traditional art. One side is the art of movement, the other is the sophistication, the other is simplicity, from which no longer question the value of traditional paintings with cross.

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