08 Mar

Due to the characteristics of Vietnamese history, the earliest history of the war is the formation of the water and the retention of the country that creates the tradition of the man who is the battle, the woman is the spiritual history – Belief of the offender). So the role of the rear woman is to create a space of comfort – rest – faith – wait. From that foundation, Vietnamese women traditionally decorate their homes with their aesthetics – of society: curtain – towel – bed – pillow … Two – sided painting comes from the embroidery curtain that Vietnamese women Nam used to create a space in the family smooth, patting, to remove the edge, thorns in the soul of the returnees.

It should be said that the origins of two-sided painting always follow the history of the Vietnamese nation (may not determine the time). From the characteristic features of embroidery curtain to create space comfort – smooth – smooth – today, has been upgraded into embroidery art double-sided.

In front of modern life rushed, two-faced painting is a desire of women want space living “humanity” life.


  • Through daily life tests, two-sided embroiderers are sensitive to the color of things.
  • The new and strict embroidery technique should be the most difficult and double-sided embroidery artist.It takes time in the quiet space to experience the color sensitivity that relate to the work.
  • Half garden, half poetryHalf painted women, half mistHalf of the flowery fragranceLet the other half stand worshiping

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