08 Mar

In Vietnam, the embroidery profession is a traditional industry has a long history. The history of this traditional profession is inherent in the spiritual history of Vietnamese women in the past.From the first century, besides the embroidered flag of “Hai Ba Trung Reservoir Water Debt”, Vietnamese women also used embroidery work to decorate their house, moreover to display Express your feelings, feelings and to beautify yourself.However, no one has known until now, the hand craft Vietnam marked a new turning point development. According to old records, the ancestor of the embroidered name is Le Cong Hanh (born on 18/01/1606 – died June 12, 1661) in Thuong Tin district, Hanoi (former Ha Tay province). He was originally a Mac. When the Mac was defeated by the Lê, fear of revenge changed to Tran’s maternal paternal grandparents. Later, due to merit, he was Le of the Le nationality.

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